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Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams Talks Backlash Over Interracial Relationship: ‘I’ve Been Called a Bed Wench’

Destiny’s Child’s member Michelle Williams and her fiancé Chad Johnson are getting folks prepared for their reality show “Chad Loves Michelle,” and they’re doing it by talking about their relationship.

One of the topics they discussed was how people have responded to their interracial union, and both said they’ve been on the receiving end of some very nasty backlash — but just online.

Michelle Williams Opens Up About Being in An Interracial Relationship


“We haven’t experienced that going out in public, but social media is a whole ‘nother thing,” said Michelle with Chad sitting right next to her. “I’ve been called a bed wench. Someone said I am ruining the legacy of my African bloodline. All kinds of things.”

Chad has been called all kinds of names as well, said Michelle, even a racist but he believes the people spewing those words are merely showing how they perceive race and interracial romances.

“If it’s a racial thing from the outside, it’s definitely a lie projected on us” he stated. “People end up seeing us and start projecting their own racial biases, concerns or whatever and it really is exposing them more than it is us.”

The couple added that the backlash they received has only led them to learn more about each other, and Chad complimented Michelle on her ability to appreciate the parts of his upbringing that she doesn’t fully understand.

“I didn’t grow up tubing down the river,” she said.

“Chad Loves Michelle” debuts this Saturday (Nov. 3) on OWN at 9:00 p.m. EST. You can see them talk about their relationship below.

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