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‘I Don’t Believe This’ Wendy Williams Explains Why She’s Not Buying Into Tamar Braxton’s New Reality Show

Wendy Williams has always said she doesn’t want to get too close to her celebrity guests. So while it seems the talk show host was chummy with Tamar Braxton during a September interview, don’t think it means Williams is totally buying into all of the singer’s endeavors.

Braxton told Detroit’s Praise 102.7 recently that she is getting her own spin-off of “Braxton Family Values” separate from the one she used to have with her estranged husband, Vince Herbert.

“I’m definitely still shooting the Braxtons, and I have another spin-off show,” Braxton said during a recent interview with Detroit’s Praise 102.7. “It’s not with Vince this time. It’s Tamar and my life now and where I am now. And a lot of other great things. And maybe some music, who knows?”

Williams made her feelings known Wednesday on the Halloween edition of her show.

“I don’t believe this is really happening. … Number one, she was on ‘Cinderblock Praise Radio’ to make the announcement,” she explains. “And number two, she talked about it very sheepishly. She wasn’t Tamar, she was like, ‘Well, you know, I got something going on.’ I think she’s probably hired her own camera crew to follow her around as a treatment and then she’s going to take the treatment to go to networks and see who wants it. This is not a show that’s happening anytime soon.”

Even still, Williams disclosed what she’d like to see on Braxton’s reality series, including her dating — with several men in the picture rather than just her Nigerian boo — and driving. She even welcomed the idea of a few appearances from Herbert. However, Williams isn’t a fan of having the singer’s 5-year-old son, Logan, on screen too often.

Meanwhile, folks online have chimed in on whether they’re here for Braxton’s new gig.

“Oh this is going to be good.”

“Yassss. I’ll be watching.”

“Noooo! we are tired of her attitude and antics. bye wig… sorry baldy. 🙄”

“Nobody’s trying to see that.”

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