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Tamar Braxton Finally Gives Fans a Peek at Her ‘Fine’ Nigerian Boyfriend

Tamar Braxton has been doing a pretty good job of keeping her Nigerian boyfriend out of the spotlight but a recent video has given fans their closest look at him yet.

Braxton and her man, whose name is said to be Yemi according to the singer’s Tamar Chronicles fan page, went to one of the stops of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s On the Run II Tour in September. As Bey sang “Young Forever/Halo,” Braxton swiveled her phone camera around to capture her and reportedly her new man rocking sunglasses and embracing as she caressed his face.

“I mean, he’s the real-life T’Chella,” Braxton told St. Louis, Mo.’s  95.5 The Lou recently, comparing him to fictional Wakanda native T’Challa of “Black Panther.” “He’s originally from Nigeria but he’s been here [in America] … he lives in California … He is fine.”

Braxton has recently been opening up more about her man, including when she visited “The Wendy Williams Show” last month. There, she echoed talk of how attractive her boo is.

“Thank you, God, he’s so fine! I can’t take it sometimes. It’s like a whole snack — a Lunchable!” she exclaimed.

Once fans saw the video, which was uploaded to Braxton’s page on Thursday, Oct. 18 before it was pulled down,  they wholeheartedly agreed.

“👀 I just started to declare, I don’t date American Men no more, not at all. I’m trying be smiling like Tamar. Ijs, let me see your birth certificate and passport book, okkk. I’m not playing…😏”

“Get yo ass a Wakanda ladies!!! You won’t regret it 💘”

“Sheed I sware…. mane that’s I was when I first experienced an African man. Its was amazing until I realize he just like a nigga. Blessing. Happy for you❤️”

“Keep smiling boo!! Enjoy that ride, it’s your turn🙌🏾””

“Yesssss im happy for my girl go boo keep doing you long as you and Logan is happy that’s all matter much love #teamtamar😍😘👊👍💕”

“Happy for you I love you how you feeling about that situation god blessing you girl god is really with you keep him don’t let him go have faith.”

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