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Fans Defend Gabrielle Union After She is Attacked Online for Transforming Into Gwen Stefani for Halloween

Gabrielle Union sported a dead-on Gwen Stefani costume for Halloween and while lots of folks thought she nailed it, several criticized the actress for apparently backing up a double standard among costumes.

Union shared her costume on Instagram Wednesday, Oct. 31, which saw the star take on Stefani’s signature plaid pants look. As the rock band’s song “Just a Girl” blares, Union races down the stairs to do her best impression of the one-time “The Voice” coach.

Several praised the look.

“yessssssss! well done!”

“You’re everything omfg.”

“Spot on girl!!!!😘❤️XOXO”

“Love this way too much.”

But others slammed Union for sporting “whiteface” and brought up ousted “Today Show” host Megyn Kelly. Her remarks about blackface being “OK when I was a kid as long as you were dressing like a character,” led her to get the ax from the NBC morning show last week.

“White hair wig, close enough to White face #DoubleStandard. If you don’t want Black face do not and I repeat do not do White face!”

“The fact that she did white makeup on her face is just as racist as blackface… Used to love Gab Union but now, not so much.”

“Cultural appropriation! She will never be white just as much as Gwen will never be black.”

“So Gab can dress as a white chick but a white kid can’t dress like black panther & a Chinese kid can’t dress like Pocahontas. I’m so confused y’all. Someone help me 😭😭🙏🏻”

Meanwhile, plenty of Union’s fans didn’t stand for the slander and they took up for the actress.

“@lapizlazuli45 there’s Spanish… White.. black Asian people with blonde hair… Smh… Can’t remember the last time someone was shot or killed or faced discrimination for their hair color.”

“@ruthabelar she didn’t have to put on a white face to show who she was. Use that little brain of yours.”

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