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‘Power’ Star Omari Hardwick Tells Women To Acknowledge His Wife When Asking For a Photo: ‘She Saved My Life’

“Power” star Omari Hardwick has one request when it comes to women approaching him for a photo or autograph: If he’s with his wife respect her or at the very least acknowledge her presence.

It’s something the actor talked about when he dropped by “The Breakfast Club” with Tika Sumpter to discuss their film “Nobody’s Fool” and other topics.

Omari Hardwick Tells Fans To Respect His Wife When Approaching Him In Public

But first “Breakfast Club” host DJ Envy played a phone call from a fan who got into an argument with Hardwick after she asked for a photo and he refused. Earlier this month,  Hardwick got into it with a young man who defended the woman.

“I was in Brooklyn Bridge Park and I spotted Omari Hardwick, and I walked up to him and told him he was a great actor, and told him I was a fan and can I get a photo with him, and he was like ‘No, No, No. No photos because I’m with my family,’” the woman said on the phone.

The fan then said she walked away, and the “Power” star began yelling at her for not acknowledging his family.

Hardwick picked up the story from there and said the woman followed him for hundreds of yards before requesting a photo, and she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Later, one of the radio hosts asked the actor to explain the right way for a fan to approach him. 

“Just acknowledge our families. This woman to my right have saved my life,” he said about his wife. “You don’t really know the story. I was broke as f—. She saved my f—— life. Chill the fuck out. Just relax and then acknowledge her enough. It could be half of a look. [Say] hi. That’s all we need. Cool, you acknowledge that she’s a breathing entity. Motherf—ers is crazy.”

You can see the conversation below at the 11:27 mark.

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