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‘Power’ Star Omari Hardwick Checks Fans Who Blast Him For Not Taking Photo: ‘I Am Not an Actor First, I’m a Man’

“Power” actor Omari Hardwick wants to make something clear to demanding fans. He is not willing to take photos while he’s with his family, and he’s not his character Ghost from the hit Starz series.

Hardwick was forced to make that known when a fan commented on his Saturday, Sept. 29, Instagram post claiming the actor was rude to a fan who wanted a photo with him.

omari hardwick


“Heard you yelled at a girl who asked for a picture because you were w your her defense she didn’t know who was w you. You actors be acting like your God. Knock it off playboy @omarihardwickofficial.”

Hardwick responded to set the commenter straight.

“@4cambam4 let me kill yo f–kery playboy & playboy: she got outa the car to follow me & my family maybe 200 yards ….as this older sweet nanny tells us,” the star wrote. “She gets to me & ask for a pic. I say as i ALWAAAAAYS do, God bless you, I don’t do pix when I’m wit my family. Respectfully. She then responds ‘So, I can’t get a picture with you?!’ With SHOCK in her face. She never acknowledges my family even with a LOOK. I go: ‘Huh? You didn’t hear what i said?’ Now i am there with my family 5 minutes too long with my kids RARELY ever having time with their NON stop working father. She keeeeps going in demand for the picture she is equally shocked I’m not allowing.”

He added that his nanny spoke up for him and was stunned that the fan didn’t stop wanting a photo. The star also said he didn’t consider the woman to be a fan. Then, he affirmed that he “may be 1 of the top 3 most giving celebrities i know.”

“I am not an actor 1st. I am a man. A king of a tribe. A respectful friend to ALL whom walk with me in a public setting,” he continued. “SHE was someone infatuated with a character obviously & could give two f–s about the cat i am. The person who could NEVER be definded as you just tried to. Mind your mouth before you use it out of turn. Wrong 1 playboy.”

Hardwick wrapped up by concluding that he plays a fictional character on TV.

“For the 5000 time, Ghost is a character with a FAKE family. The ‘playboy’ you disrespectfully coined me is the REAL DEAL,” he said. “I give 3 f–ks about celebrity or actor or whatever. Actor is a JOB. Celebrity a whole other JOB x 5. I respect EVERYONE’s lane. Don’t make their own disrespect of themSELVES then of me & my family… issue. That was HERS. & i checked her for it. Period. Rock on playboy. Find your truth. Don’t ever come on my page f–king with MINE.”

Hardwick also stated that commenters would come out and support his lengthy response. And they did just that.

“@omarihardwickofficial 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽”

“@omarihardwickofficial my face cracked and is still on the floor.”

“@omarihardwickofficial That Deactur came up out you real quick just then. Very well said king 😘”
“@omarihardwickofficial 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”

“@omarihardwickofficial when you stand in your truth, that’s all that’s needed. Energy is only needed for your family, craft and art. 🙏🏽🖤”

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