50 Cents Backs Up Nicki Minaj, Steve Madden Back Tracks: ‘This Guy Is a Liar’

50 Cent jumped into the Nicki Minaj, Cardi B beef and in the process called the designer Steve Madden a liar.

Earlier this week, Nicki went on her “Queen Radio” show and ripped Cardi. The “Bodak Yellow” rhymer then responded and said Diesel offered her a deal before before they offered one to Nicki.


The “Barbie Dreams” rapper shot back by saying she received a deal offer from Steve Madden before he started working with Cardi. But Madden refuted that claim with just a few short words.

“@NickiMinaj, you can’t turn down an offer that was never made,” he tweeted.

That’s when 50 got involved and told Madden he was being far from truthful.

“This guy is a liar,” he wrote. “You liar you.”

The G-Unit honcho then referenced an old Vibe interview that Madden did in 2015 where he talked about wanting to work with Nicki.

“I was gonna do a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and we got into a fight the first minute we met and then we patched it up,” he said back then.

“We were thinking of doing something and I would’ve, but I was with Iggy [Azalea] and I thought Coke and Pepsi,” added Madden. “It was a mistake. I made a mistake, and I wish that I could go back in time and work with Nicki instead of Iggy.”

Seeming to piggyback 50’s posts, Nicki responded and called Madden a liar as well.

“@SteveMadden thought I was lying, you dumb f–k,” she wrote. “You Irv [Gotti] and Gee Roberson came to my house in Malibu begging me to do the deal. I said no. You then did a deal with Iggy and she hated the pics you used and went in on you online. I’m sure Irv told you to post this lie.”

As it appears, 50 and Nicki’s posts got to Madden because he apologized for getting involved and wished for a peaceful resolution between the beefing rappers.

“@NickiMinaj is an incredibly talented artist, but we couldn’t work together cause the timing wasn’t right,” he wrote. “@iamCardib came on the scene and I had a fantastic collaboration with her … I hope they can reach some peace … There is a lot of negativity out there right now, and I shouldn’t have contributed to that.”

It looks like Madden got his wish about Nicki and Cardi coming to a resolution, because both said they would stop bashing each other and try to be more positive in the future.

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