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Tip and Tiny Clash as He Says Religion Is for ‘Sheep’ and ‘Scorned Women,’ Leading Fans To Take Sides

As T.I. and Tiny Harris continue to work through their marriage, it’s clear they have different ideas about how to get to a good place.

On “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle” Monday, the performers discussed how to move forward in their union, which hit a snag when Tip stepped out on Harris with “Greenleaf” star Asia’h Epperson over the summer.

When Harris broaches the subject of church after reflecting on Pastor John Gray’s message about marriage at LeToya Luckett’s housewarming party, T.I. responds with an immediate “hell no.”

“All y’all scorned black women is the easiest target to market to,” T.I. says before affecting the tone of a fire and brimstone preacher. “‘You don’t need no man! Get him out of here! And while you at it, you need to give to the church!'”

“What? You gon’ give it to the strippers?” Harris hits back when asking her husband about where he’d rather give his money. “C’mon, man!”

“Religion was put here to control the sheep,” the rapper replies as the two clash over their opposing viewpoints.

Tip acknowledged in a confessional they both have “very, very big personalities” but lack “an extreme ability to compromise.”

And just like the spouses on screen, fans who watched the moment unfold on Oct. 29 had differing perspectives on the matter.

“Tip is me.”

“He’s not wrong.”

“He’s right tho, about why religion was created.”

“T.I. is doing what he enjoys going to church will show him that he got somethings that he needs to change.”

“He must not have been to church cuz they tell you to be nice to your husband and treat each other well & WAY MORE SHIT THAN MARRIAGE but what he worried about hearing about adultery.”

“That’s what’s wrong with a lot of relationships now God isn’t apart of anything he is not apart of will not survive and I hope she still goes to church with or without him @majorgirl God bless you.”

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