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‘LHHATL’ Star Spice Says She’s Keeping the Bleached Skin Look: ‘They Didn’t Appreciate the Black Spice’

Last week it seems that Spice had a lot of people believing that she bleached her skin, but it turned out to be a marketing stunt for her new single “Black Hypocrisy,” a song about colorism.

But now some of Spice’s fans want her to go back to her natural, darker skin tone, however she gave some push back and explained why.

Spice Says She's Not Returning To Her Darker Skin Look In Instagram Message


“On my way to wash my van, but want you to know that I see all the comments,” she wrote on Instagram. “Now everyone begging me back for the Black Spice, but they didn’t appreciate the Black Spice when I was repping for dark skin women for 30 years”

“When I should have been encouraged and thanked, I was being dragged for my complexion by the same Black women,” added the reggae artist. “So should I haunt you with #coconutmilk for 30 more years? I hear some say ‘Okay Spice, we get it now and I learn my lesson’ but have you? They say it’s make up but is it?”

It seems that Spice’s post caused a lot of confusion, because now some think the new look may not be a marketing ploy and it’s real. But others complimented the “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star and said they always loved her darker skin.

“Hope this isn’t real because so many people believed and supported you,” someone wrote. “They even gained to love themselves through you, so if this is real I am extremely disappointed. Your Black was always beautiful.”

“You look a hot mess. That sh– is awful,” another person commented. “Why would you ever wanna change the way God made you? This is the dumbest thing I ever seen.”

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