‘LHHATL’ Star Spice Gets Fans to Listen to Her Music with Skin Bleaching Marketing Ploy


In today’s world of internet driven self-promotion, most would probably think they’ve seen all the marketing ploys, but those people should think again.

Because the dancehall artist Spice of “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” just pulled off the promotional stunt of a lifetime by pretending to bleach her skin.

It was to bring attention to her new single “Black Hypocrisy,” which deals with the issue of colorism. Spice also released a video for the song, which she performs in her natural, melanin-rich skin tone.

Spice Bleaching Her Skin Was All A Marketing Ploy

“I get hate from my own race yes that’s a fact / ‘Cause the same Black people dem say I’m too Black / And if you bleach out you skin dem same one come a chat,” she says in the song.

Earlier this week, the Jamaica born-artist posted a photo of herself that not only showed herself far lighter, but she also sported waist length blonde hair and blue eyes.

A lot of folks fell for it too and accused Spice of hating her race, plus, following people like fellow dancehall artist Vybz Kartel who bleached his skin a while ago.

But now all of those negative comments have turned to positive ones, and folks have praised Spice for addressing the colorism issue in such a creative way.

“Beautifully done,” one person wrote.

“I’ll say salute to you, Grace Hamilton. “You have done a wonderful job,” wrote another, using Spice’s real name.

“This is gonna make such a difference to little dark skin Black girls,” a third person commented. “Like most Black dark skin women, I too have been exposed to colorism by my own people.”

Right now Spice’s new mixtape “Captured” is No.1 on the reggae charts. You can watch her “Black Hypocrisy” video below.

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