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Keyshia Cole’s ‘Fresh Face’ Has Fans Telling Her to Drop That Skin Routine

R&B singer Keyshia Cole and her series of photos are prompting fans to ask for all the star’s skin-care deets.

Social media continues to fawn over Cole’s girlish beauty and youthful looking skin. The 37-year-old recently shared a photo of her trip to the dermatologist’s office and noted how important it is for her to have clean skin. She wrote, “I’m sooo into my skin.”

The “Heaven Sent” artist also posted a few Instagram selfies that were completely makeup-free and showcased her natural beauty. Cole said in the caption, “Before and after vibes…. was sooooo happy to get my skin cleansed @simonourianmd1 thanks once again.”

Keyshia Cole

(photo credit: Instagram)

However, folks in Cole’s comments gushed over how vibrant her skin looked and told the singer to drop her skin regimen “ASAP.”

“You’re the most beautiful woman in the world beautiful with or without makeup ❤️ what u use.”

“Beautiful skin looking radiant and happy and blessed go keshia. !! Keep doing you .”

“What’s ur skin routine?”

“Beautiful skin you’re in keep doing what ever it is your doing. #useme!”

“Keyshia you are a beautiful woman skin on point.”

“You look so young, wow so beautifully natural!”

“I love you natural beauty and your down to earth personality.”

On Wednesday, Cole already let her fans know one of her secrets for “aging backwards” and appearing youthful. She’s confessed to removing herself from toxic situations and surrounding herself with more positive people.

“You can’t block it all, but, When you clear your mind and heart from ALL THE BULL 💩 You learn how to smile MORE! Yea, The more you change from within, the less Bull 💩 you’ll allow to seep through. #GetOffTheBullshit,” she wrote.

Cole also hinted in September that she was in the studio working on new music. She noted, “STUDIO VIBEZ WITH @midsidesound #StudioVibez #ALBUM #8.”

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