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Ice-T Arrested For Toll Evasion In New York City

A TV cop got busted by a real cop. That’s how Ice-T can frame his story when he tells it to family and friends.

On Wednesday, the rapper and actor was arrested for evading a New Jersey toll when he was crossing into New York on the George Washington Bridge. Police also issued him a ticket when they learned his $300,000 McLaren was unregistered. The vehicle was towed as well.

Ice-T Arrested For Evading Toll


At the time, Ice was on his way to film his long-running show “Law & Order: SVU.” His wife Coco Austin picked him up from the station later on, and he went to work.

But the whole thing was just an accident, according to TMZ, because the 60-year-old thought he had his up to date E-ZPass with him, a device for people who prepay tolls. It didn’t work, however, and Ice kept driving. 

Ice said he must’ve brought the wrong pass with him, because he has seven more in his other cars. On top of that, the McLaren is new and just came in from California.

The veteran rapper has undoubtedly been excited about his McLaren because he’s been posting photos of it since it arrived.

One image shows Ice standing in front of the red car with a fleet of his other vehicles. He also posted a shot of the McLaren getting new rims.

“I still don’t think I’ve got my haters mad enough,” he wrote in one of the photos.

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