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Gucci Mane Denies Living Extravagantly After Son’s Mother Demands $20,000 in Monthly Child Support

The mother of Gucci Mane’s 11-year-old son Keitheon wants an increase in child support, but the rapper is asking a judge to throw out her request

According to The Blast, Gucci responded to a lawsuit from Sheena Evans, who said he should pay more each month because he lives such a lavish lifestyle.

Gucci Mane Blocks Baby Mama's Request For An Increase In Child Support


At the moment, Gucci pays $2,076 in monthly support, but Evans wants $20,000 each month.

That’s because she claimed Gucci’s income has increased significantly since leaving prison in 2016 and pointed to a big surge in his music career, a BET reality show, plus a lot of side business ventures.

Evans also noted that the rapper’s wedding to Keyshia Ka’Oir costs a reported $1 million and used that price tag as proof that he can afford a substantial increase in payments. 

Gucci, however, said Evans has it all wrong, because he doesn’t live extravagantly and has maintained the same income since 2011. He also denied that his wedding cost $1 million and said he already pays for Keitheon’s health insurance and all of his medical expenses. 

In her initial filing, Evans told the judge she wants Gucci to take out a $5 million life insurance policy, presumably for their son, and pay $15,000 for her legal fees. At this time it’s not clear if Gucci is contesting that part of the suit.

The rapper’s ex also explained that she can’t afford a daytime babysitter for their son, which precludes her from getting a job or going to school.

Gucci filed his response on Oct. 19, and the judge hasn’t ruled yet.

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