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50 Cent Teases That ‘Power’ Would Be Ending Soon and Folks Lose It: ‘Please, No’

Was he serious or was he trolling?

That’s what a lot of people probably wondered when 50 Cent talked about “Power” possibly ending soon.

50 Cent Scares Fans By Suggesting That "Power" Might Be Ending Soon


“So what if I told you next season is the last season [of] ‘Power?’ What would you say to me,” he wrote next to a photo of himself and actor Joseph Sikora who plays Tommy.

“No, please no,” one person wrote.

“That’s f—– up and selfish,” wrote another.

“You must be stupid. Don’t you like money?” a third person asked. “Keep it going whilst people be loving this sh–.”

Some people left comments about wanting certain characters to die off before the series ended, while others wanted more secrets to be revealed — like what else is going on with Tasha St. Patrick.

“Can’t be the last season,” wrote one viewer. “Kanan is Tariq and Raina’s real dad. That’s why Tasha wanted him dead.”

There was another person who had some business advice for 50 and told him to sell the show before it shuts down for good.

“Sell the rights and let someone else produce it for a few more seasons,” suggested the fan.

As we previously reported, the “In Da Club” rapper is directing the third episode of the upcoming season, and he’s been sharing some of his day-to-day with fans.

In one photo, he shows the director’s chair with his name on it. He also shared a clip of Omari Hardwick shooting a scene.

The new season of “Power” airs in 2019, however, a specific date has yet to be announced.

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