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Naturi Naughton’s Daughter Shines On ‘Power’ Set as 50 Cent Makes Directorial Debut

The anticipation for the new season of “Power” seems to be rising by the day.

On Friday Naturi Naughton, who plays Tasha St. Patrick on the show, posted a photo of her daughter Zuri hanging out with 50 Cent, one of the executive producers. She took the picture and acknowledged that 50 would be directing the third episode of season six, which will be his directorial debut.

Naturi Naughton Posts Photos With 50 Cent And Get Power Fans Excited


“#BabyZ shows love to #Uncle50 on his directorial debut,” Naturi captioned the photo. “#PowerTV, #Ep3#, PowerFamilyDay, TariqAndZ,#BabyYasmineAndBabyZur,i#gerberphotosearch2018, #workingMommy,#ImSoBlessed, #GetTheStrap.”

She also shared a photo of herself smiling with Zuri and another one with her baby girl sitting with Michael Rainey Jr., who plays Tariq on the series.

The photos definitely got people talking about Tariq, Ghost, Tasha and the rest of the “Power” characters. They also sparked a few story ideas among fans.

“What about if they use her daughter as Terry’s baby since Ghost killed Terry when Ghost saw Tasha and Terry having sex,” one fan wrote. “Now Ghost has to father the baby, because Ghost had killed her father.”

50 posted a couple of photos to celebrate his directorial debut as well. One of them shows the barrel of a gun, plus, an access pass that says “Power, stages 4, 12 and 14.”

Another picture shows someone holding a clapperboard that lists the rapper’s name as director.

“And the award for best director goes to, oh sh–, l won,” 50 wrote next to the photo. “I’d like to thank Benny Boom, Little X and other directors who taught me what not to do. Lol.”

Just like Naturi’s post, 50’s photo created a lot of talk about the upcoming “Power” season, and folks wondered what’s in store for characters like Angela who was shot at the close of season 5.

“I got it. Angela’s punk ass is in a coma, but she’s pregnant. Ghost and Tasha get custody, nobody goes to jail, ’cause Angela is in a coma,” one person theorized.

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