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Yella Beezy Celebrates 27th Birthday After Being Shot Multiple Times: ‘They Plan Didn’t Work’

What a difference a week and a half makes.

On Oct. 14 Texas rapper Yella Beezy was shot in a drive by shooting, and now he’s celebrating his 27th birthday. There’s a video floating around that shows people singing  to him, as he stood in front of a cake with burning candles.

Yella Beezy Celebrated His 27th Birthday After Being Shot


It was evident that Beezy was enjoying the birthday celebration, despite his arm still being in a sling. That’s because he danced playfully and cracked a smile the entire time.

Besides sharing the 28 second clip, the birthday boy also posted new photos of himself and expressed how happy he is to be one year older.

“How can I not smile,” he wrote. “These n—– tried to take me out with everything they had and it didn’t work. Today my birthday. Made it to see 27, and I’m finna apply major pressure. And they just gotta sit and watch this sh–, knowing they plan didn’t work … God got plans for me. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

People left happy birthday wishes on Beezy’s page and some encouraged him to leave his hometown of Dallas for safety. At this time, police still haven’t named a suspect in the shooting, and there hasn’t been any updates on the investigation. 

Last week, the “That’s On Me” creator made his television debut at the BET Hip-Hop awards and watched his prerecorded performance from a hospital bed. It was a moment that he shared on social media, which got plenty of attention.

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