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Fans Flood Yella Beezy With Support as He Watches Himself Perform At BET Hip Hop Awards from Hospital Bed

Dallas, Texas Rapper Yella Beezy watched himself on television performing at the BET Hip-Hop Awards after being shot earlier this week. And now he’s receiving a bunch of well-wishes on social media.

On Wednesday the 26-year-old posted footage of himself in a hospital bed being tended to by nurses.

Beezy then told the nurses that he’s on television performing, and they immediately took interest. The rapper was performing his popular cut “That’s On Me” during the taping, and his eyes were glued to the screen the entire time.

Yella Beezy Gets Support After Watching His BET Hip Hop Awards Performance From Hospital Bed


“Y’all looking at the awards?” he asked the nurses.

As we previously reported, Beezy, real name Deandre Conway, was struck three times in a drive-by shooting as he drove on the Sam Rayburn Tollway in Lewisvilles Sunday morning. Soon after, it was reported that he was in stable condition and would probably pull through, which the rapper expressed gratitude for.

“I’m in a blessed position, because I’ma blessed individual,” he wrote next to his performance video. “God got the last say, so Dallas tell the world we on @bet … We made it. #Thatsonmebaby.”

“Amen, 100 [percent] praying for you,” one of his followers responded. “All in there. Great performance.”

“Absolutely praying for you,” someone else echoed.

And another person predicted that Beezy would soon dominate the entire rap scene. 

“Soon you will recover and take over the world,” that person wrote. “Now that Dallas is well-known, you gave other Dallas artists the opportunity to get noticed. Yella a legend.”

You can see Beezy watch his BET Hip Hop Awards performance below.

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