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Yella Beezy Opens Up About the Shooting That Nearly Took His Life: ‘They Approached Me On the Side’

It’s been nearly a month since Yella Beezy was shot in his hometown of Dallas, and now he’s talking about it for the first time. In a new interview with VladTV, the “That’s On Me” rapper said it happened on the highway when he was coming home from a night out. 

“I just left the club on the way to the house,” he explained. “We had just left one strip club, and I end up going to another strip club I ain’t have no business at, and it kind of transpired from right there.”

Yella Beezy Talks About Being Shot


Beezy said for some reason it felt like he was being followed, so he drove faster than usual.

“I’m getting on the highway. I’m looking to see if somebody following me and sh–,” he detailed. “I’m going real fast on the highway. I slowed up because the police had somebody pulled over, so I make an exit on this tollway. When I’m trying to find my address to where I live at, I’m looking down on my phone and they approached me on the side of the car and started shooting the car.”

The perpetrators fired 23 shots at the rapper, but he was only hit three times, once in the elbow and in the leg and back. Beezy also said the shot that he received in the back nearly pierced his lung.  

But still, the rapper had enough strength to get out of his car and run down a service road.

From there, he began calling people like his child’s mother and his own mom until some good Samaritans stopped and asked if he needed help. Beezy told them to call the police, who called the ambulance and he was rushed to the hospital.

Plus, the Dallas native said he remained calm during the situation, while he prayed and gave himself little pep talks to get keep going.

At this time, the police still haven’t named a suspect or motive, and Beezy hasn’t said anything about that part either.

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