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Fans React as T.I. Says Social Media, Not He, Forced Tiny to Make His Infidelity an Issue

T.I. recently attempted to divert the attention from his infidelity to blaming social media and fans for instigating his wife Tiny Harris‘ reaction.

On Tuesday, a reality fan page shared a clip from the Monday night premiere episode of “T.I & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle” when the music couple discussed the video of the rapper being caught cheating and what caused a rift between them.

Tiny spoke about discovering the video on social media of T.I. groping another woman’s butt. T.I said, “I know you are upset, but not with me. You are upset with the people that keep calling you and bothering you.” Tiny gave him a snappy response, “No, I’m upset with you. They wouldn’t be calling me and bothering me if it wasn’t for you.”

In the show’s confessional, T.I. said, “The video isn’t really the issue, the video being posted up on social media is the issue.” He continued, “If someone would have sent her the video privately, she and I would’ve had one conversation about it and it would’ve been over.”

The responders on the fan page believe that T.I. isn’t taking ownership of his mistakes.

“T.I. is basically saying he would like to cheat in peace. #FamilyHustle”

“Is he for real. Don’t do shit if dont want shit coming back to u.”

“He needs to be more clear on what he’s tryna say cause it sounds like he’s saying that video is ok”

Back in June, a Snapchat video surfaced of actress Asia’h Epperson and the rapper getting too close for comfort. T.I is seen in the video groping Epperson’s butt and being overly flirtatious.

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