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Nipsey Hussle Slams Rumor He Was Going to Jump Into Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul Fight After His Photo Goes Viral

Nipsey Hussle talked about the fight between The Los Angeles Lakers’ Rajon Rondo and The Houston Rockets’ Chris Paul that took place on Saturday.

After the melee, there was a photo of Nipsey that went viral, and it showed him standing up and pulling up his pants like he was going to jump in. But the rapper said that’s something he’d never do.

Nipsey Hussle Says He Wasn't Going To Jump In The Fight Between Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul


“Nah, definitely not,” he told TMZ. “I was really just reacting to the little scuffle. It looked like it might spill over to where we was sitting … But I got love for a lot of the players on The Rockets, as well as The Lakers. I’m an L.A. rep, so I’m always going to stand behind [The Lakers].”

Nip then said that he’s friends with the Rockets star point guard James Harden, which is another reason he’d stay clear of a fight with the Texas team.

“Harding’s my guy, C.P (Chris Paul) and a lot of the players,” he explained. “I would never jump in no NBA fight. Hell no.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the “Victory Lap” MC said he may get riled up during a game, maybe even a little emotional, but that’s where it ends for him.  

Rondo, meanwhile, gave a few details about the fight, and he denied spitting on Paul as Paul claimed. He also said the Houston guard is the one who initiated things.

“Everyone wants to believe Chris Paul is a good guy,” Rondo told ESPN. “They don’t know he’s a horrible teammate. They don’t know how he treats people. Look at what he did last year when he was in L.A.; trying to get to the Clippers’ locker room. They don’t want to believe he’s capable of taunting and igniting an incident … He comes out and says I spit and the media sides with that.”

Rondo said that Paul concocted the spitting story just to maintain his good guy image.

As far as Nipsey, he believes the scuffle was merely two passionate players trying to win a game and nothing more than that. 

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