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Nene Leakes Says She Was Being ‘Sarcastic’ When She Said Kenya Moore ‘Should be a Housewife’

Nene Leakes is addressing the chatter surrounding her apparent praise for former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Kenya Moore.

After Leakes didn’t attend Moore’s baby shower over the weekend she left comments on various Instagram accounts that posted photos from the fairy tale-themed celebration.

“So happy for her! Bravo should have made her a housewife this season! She really really deserves it! Congrats girl! I know your bringing a life into the world and I’m trying to save a life,😢” she said on one photo.

“She should be a housewife! Bravo is crazy,” she remarked in another comment.

On Tuesday, Oct. 23, the RHOA OG decided to have a quick Twitter Q&A and overwhelmingly fans wanted to know about the comments she left in support of Moore. Many on Instagram found the remarks phony.

“For those asking, i was definitely being sarcastic the other day but my well wishes were pure & from the heart!” Leakes tweeted. “Bravo, Andy nor myself should be blamed 4 some1 wanting 2 b on a reality show & NOT show their reality! They choose NOT 2 let u in their life now flipping it #facts.

“Don’t b fooled! We have no problems!” she added, clearing up any rumors of dysfunction between her and Moore. “This is all strategic b/c they dying 2 b on this show! Remember they was at my white party. We were cool at the reunion & after the reunion. U know there r certain ppl name u use & nobody cares but there r names that catch others attention.”

NeNe Leakes

“There are things people ask for in life like marriage & pregnancy! My hubby didn’t ask for cancer! He’s my priority at the moment and rightly so! With that said, i still have 2 work & i still care for those in my life❤️,” she said in a follow-up tweet.

And in her final address of the subject, Leakes indicated that Moore is responsible for her lack of inclusion on the show.

“Now going forward, i will NOT answer any questions pertaining 2 this foolishness!” Leakes tweeted. “Just know they did this to their self & chose this path! Trust the entire cast knows this! Bravo is watching so if i was them, i would stop the foolishness! Tune into RHOA Nov 4th at 8pm on Bravo.”

Meanwhile, fans have shared their thoughts on the matter.

“This is exhausting.”

“Nene is beyond petty and this is another reason why I will not be watching.”

“Oh lord just let the woman be happy, let it go.”

“🗣 BUT👏🏾DID👏🏾SHE👏🏾LIE👏🏾?!?!?!?”

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