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‘LHHH’ Viewers Are In Stitches Over RoccStar and Akbar Abdul-Ahad’s Confrontation

The tension on “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” is coming to a head as cast members get into explosive confrontations, but Monday night’s episode showing RoccStar‘s heated exchange with Akbar Abdul-Ahad was more comical than anything else. The two almost came to blows after RoccStar confronted the green-eyed bandit for allegedly leaking singer Teairra Mari‘s sex tape.

RoccStar said he received a call from one of his boys from Detroit to check up on Mari, so the music producer did just that. After a sit-down with Mari, RoccStar decided to take matters into his own hands and confront “Akbar” on the porn tape allegations. However, their supposed argument quickly turned into roasting session.

RoccStar and Akbar go back and forth

(photo credit: L; Akbar A and R; RoccStar/ VH1 Screenshot)

Security quickly intervened after RoccStar called Abdul-Ahad a b**ch and both were walking towards each other in a hostile manner. Both castmates continued to shout jabs at one another, but Abdul-Ahad took it a little overboard once he yelled, “I’m World Star, you goofy boy with ya ugly shoes!”

RoccStar shot back with, “What are thoossee?”

The clowning session between the two “LHHH” stars had social media almost in tears from laughter alone.

“Where did this scene even come from like they really met up to fight!😭.”

“Isit me alone watching that security in the blue t-shirt looking like a referee in a boxing ring 😂.”

“Did Akbar say he would spray 😂 Rockstar???”

“Hands down @roccstarmusic was about to hit Akbar wit some shit if them security guards wouldn’t have jump’d n da middle 😩 PERIOD 😂🤣.”

“Still cyaa understand how the argument reach to garments😭.”

“This show a joke Why do EVERY ni**a wanna fight around a car 🤣🤣 STOP IT 5. S**t so made up.”

“😩😂 he said what are those?! Mona dis tew much.”

“LHHH” fans have been trashing RoccStar for being the “messy Bessie” all season, while others are enjoying his comedy.

“LMFAO Rockstar is a clown 😂 Mona keep him nex season.”

Take a look at the hilarious fight between RoccStar and Abdul-Ahad in the clip below:

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