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Rasheeda Frost’s Group Photo Goes Left After Trolls Begin Roasting NeNe Leakes

Rasheeda Frost‘s recent Instagram post featuring “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes completely spiraled out of control after social media started clowning Leakes.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star was out and about in Atlanta supporting her friend Kandi Burrussopening of a second Old Lady Gang restaurant location. Other reality TV stars attended Burruss’ opening event, including Leakes and her co-star Cynthia Bailey.

Frost and her husband Kirk Frost posed for a group photo with Leakes and Bailey during Burruss’ celebration. The mother of two captioned the image, “Celebrating the grand opening of #oldladygang #campcreek wit @frost117 @neneleakes & @cynthiabailey10.”

Rasheeda Frost

(From left) Cynthia Bailey, NeNe Leakes, Rasheeda Frost and Kirk Frost all came out to support Kandi Burruss’ opening of a second Old Lady Gang restaurant. (Instagram)

However, the Instagram post took a sharp turn left as fans began critiquing Leakes’ facial features. The cute clique photo soon turned into a “NeNe Leakes” roasting session.

“Nene looking more and more like ahhh mfn uhhhhh 🚹.”

“It look like you can just pull nene nose off her face , looking like a mister potato head play-doh piece..”

“Oh wow, NeNe does not look like herself.”

“Nene look like Geoffrey from the toys R Us smdh.”

“What Nene did to her face.. your natural face was beautiful.”

“Nene looking so different from when she started She been slowing morphing into Joan Rivers for years!”

“Who the he’ll is the woman in the blonde wig????!!!😭. Nene done got a new face!!”

Rasheeda was also the object of fans’ wrath on Sunday after sharing a photo of herself where she appeared lighter complected than usual. Social media scolded the “LHHATL” star and accused her of skin whitening.

“Are turning white? Lol 😂.”

“Where that beautiful caramel skin at?’

“Skin bleaching? Bad makeup artist? Too much make up and you don’t need it it’s too much not your complexion.”

However, the “Boss Chick” remained extremely blasé about the feedback to the clearly overexposed photo she captioned “You know she on her grind 😜!”

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