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Naturi Naughton Surprises Sunny Hostin With A Guest Spot On ‘Power’ For Her Birthday

Sunny Hostin recently celebrated her 50th birthday on “The View” and Naturi Naughton stopped by as a gift.

That’s because Hostin said she’s a huge “Power” fan, and she and her husband Manny never miss an episode. Naughton came bearing gifts as well and gave the talk show host some “Power” merchandise, including a hat, some shirts and sunglasses.

Naturi Naughton Surprised Sunny Hostin For Her 50Th Birthday

But the biggest gift came afterwards, because Naughton told Hostin she’d have a guest spot in the new season of the show and will play opposite Larenz Tate.

Of course, later, Hostin asked the question that probably most  “Power” fans want to know: Does the character Angela die after she was shot in season 5? But Naughton wouldn’t budge and said viewers will be surprised as usual.

“The show is so unpredictable, when you think someone is going to live they die, and when you think someone is going to die they live,” she explained.

Naughton also talked about juggling motherhood with being on one of the hottest shows on cable and said it’s all about having proper scheduling. Plus, the 34-year-old explained that she loves being able to be a mom in real life but still be able to play a woman like Tasha St. Patrick.

 “Being a working mother … I try to find balance in my schedule and I was also also breastfeeding at first, and Zuri comes on set and she’s so quiet. So the opportunity to be a mother but also to still be this vivacious, funky, sexy, fierce women on TV, I don’t have to compromise. I can still be a mom.”

Towards the end her visit, Naughton said she has two movies coming out in 2019, one called “Emperor” and the other “Really Love,” a romance film

You can watch her surprise Sunny Hostin below.

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