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Fans Are Super Confused By Joseline Hernandez’s Latest Post ‘Girl What?’

Former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” actress Joseline Hernandez had people trying to make sense of what she was trying to say in her most recent Instagram post.

It’s no secret that Hernandez’s first language isn’t English. The reality star is of “Puerto Rican” descent and grew up speaking Spanish fluently. Social media would tease the “Puerto Rican Princess” for her thick accent and grammatically incorrect sentences, but she’s worked on improving her English somewhat.

Hernandez took to Instagram on Tuesday and posted a screenshot of a tweet she wrote. It read, “Let sleeping dog lie Or you might get bit.” The 31-year-old added, “Mannnn listen 👂.”

Joseline Hernandez

Instagram users were having a hard time trying to understand Hernandez’s tweet which had a few spelling mistakes and incorrect use of grammar. Fans were muddled and upset in Hernandez’s comment section.

“I don’t like that u can’t spell and use correct grammar … maybe YOU should’nt be on the internet … that’s pretty much all we do here 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“U going the hell off misspelling and leaving out important wordz. I’m not reading No more of your s**t… I mean she piss me off.”

“What you trying to say sis?”

“I got a whole headache trying understand what she mean.”

“Girl learn to spell already it’s getting ridiculous.”

“She said it how she wanted to this is IG not school what she gonna get an F. Gtfoh long as you know what l meant who cares.”

“I think her quote would have sounded better in Spanish… Bc Spanish turned English makes no sense… But I got u Joseline… Love u boo😘.”

Hernandez is in the midst of preparing for her upcoming reality show on We Tv titled “Joseline Takes Miami.” The show will be focusing on Hernandez raising her one-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella.

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