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Kanye West Responds with ‘Love’ To Snoop Dogg’s Theory That Drake Slept With Kim Kardashian

It looks like Kanye West responded to Snoop Dogg’s theory that Drake slept with Kim Kardashian.

Last week The Dogg Father clowned Kanye on Instagram and relayed what a lot of people said when Drake’s song “In My Feelings” dropped.

Kanye West Responds to Snoop Dogg's Diss


“I may be on the late freight, but I just found out who Kiki was,” said Snoop. “Kiki is your b—h. That’s why you’re so mad, ‘cause Drake put d–k in your b—h …  I like that song, but I ain’t know why I liked it. I really like it now.”

Kanye responded by posting a photo of himself wearing a t-shirt of Snoop’s face and wrote the words “All love,” in the caption space.

Afterward, the opinions on his response were split. That’s because some believed he was right for not trying to insult Snoop, while others said he should’ve written way more. Kim, for the record, said she’s never slept with Drake.

“When Snoop goes low insulting Kanye and his wife, Kanye goes high,” one person wrote.

“[It’s that] you didn’t even deny it that makes it more sad,” wrote another.

Snoop’s post is just the latest of his shots at Kanye.

He first slammed him in 2016 when the “College Dropout” creator dissed JAY-Z, Beyoncé and others during a concert in Sacramento. Snoop then went after Kanye when he began supporting Donald Trump and just last month, called him an Uncle Tom.

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