Dr. Jackie Sounds Off on How ‘Married to Medicine’ Fame Affected Her Marriage


Dr. Jackie Walters is getting honest about learning about husband Curtis Berry’s affair on TV. The “Married to Medicine” star detailed her experience on the premiere episode of “Kandi Koated Nights.”

She admitted she initially felt “homicidal” after publicly experiencing her spouses cheating.

“Now, initially I felt homicidal because when you’re seeing patients and you’re walking into an exam room and you find out on an iPad that your husband’s name is on a blog, you still take care of the patient,” Walters says in the episode debuting Sunday, July 1 at 9/8c. “If you’re like me and you keep doing what you gotta do. You’re traumatized initially but I think as a professional you gotta keep doing what you gotta do. The last thing you want me to do in midstream, having surgery or taking care of you is to deal with my own personal problems. That’s part of being a doctor … you sacrifice you.”

On whether or not putting their marriage on television played a role in Berry having a mistress for months, Dr. Jackie said that “certainly adds to it,” which also could be exacerbated by the “Married to Medicine” income.

Still, the couple has managed to put the issue behind them, as they celebrated Berry’s birthday a week ago. This after the OBGYN discovered her husband’s mistress spilling the beans about their affair to a tabloid online. The spouses went to therapy to try to work through their issues, in which Walters expressed doubt they could come out on the other side.

However, at the reunion in March, Walters revealed that after planning to divorce her husband, the papers had been withdrawn.

In response to Dr. Jackie’s frankness, many fans expressed their adoration.

“I used to find her energy so dull and not stimulating but hearing what she had been through I developed a whole lot of love and respect for the woman. She embodies the word ‘strong woman’ on every level. You go Dr. Jackie! You will be blessed with a strong man — no more weak men will walk in your path. I feel that for you.”

“Dr. Jackie is so beautiful & professional. An amazing independent and successful Black woman.”

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