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Porsha Williams Cracks Her Fans Up with Her Thoughts on Divorce from Fiancé Dennis McKinley

Porsha Williams gave fans a chuckle after sharing her point of view of about her relationship her fiancé Dennis McKinley during a session on Dish Nation Atlanta.

Friday, Williams shared a video on Instagram of her on the radio station when she started the discussion off with her point of view on divorces. She said, “Why do I think for some reason after you get a divorce, and you’re mature and you have kids, yall relationship probably is better.” She continued, “the stress of the marriage is off of you, and yall probably having way better sex.”

Then the housewife was asked about her personal relationship with McKinley as it pertains to her comments on divorce. She responded, “well hell nah that was Dish Nation Porsha talking.” She continued, “We aint getting no divorce! Never ever!”

In Williams caption she wrote, “Dat ass is minezz “FOREVAAAA” Cardi voice 😂 @dishnation #DishNationPorsha”

Williams had her fans laughing in the comments.

“In my Porsha voice “Who said that”?!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

“You’re so funny 💖”

” know that’s right work talk and when I clock out/off 2 different conversation 😂😂😂”

“😂😂😂That was dish nation Porsha 😭”

“At first I was like “ say what now girl” oh hell naw 🤣😂🤣.”

October 1, Williams announced her and her boo McKinley were engaged on her Instagram. In her caption she wrote, “I said YES…. 💍🌹🙏🏾 Photo: @the_treeves ring by: @richierichny Leon Diamond”

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