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Fans Can’t Get Over How Much Ray J’s Sister Brandy Looks Like His Wife Princess Love

Ray J and his sister, R&B songstress, Brandy Norwood took a selfie and fans quickly took notice of a resemblance between his wife Princess Love and Brandy. Wednesday, the “Love and Hip Hop” fan page shared the photo of Ray with his sister. The simple caption said, “R-n-B .🎵 | 📷:”

Ray J and Princess Love

Fans could not stop commenting about Brandy favoring Princess.

“I thought this was princess love”

“Him sister and princess all look alike lol”

“I swear I thought this princess but she look evil like the role that she play on STAR”

“I thought this was princess with the wrong color make up”

“Sup ray j & princess”

“Brandy and princess looks just alike”

Fans always seem to make comparisons about looks within the Norwood family. Although Ray J’s baby girl Melody has been compared to others, most agree that she looks like her grandmother Sonja Norwood. Last month, Ray J shared a picture of him and Mels hanging out and the reality star’s followers immediately took notice. One fan said, “She looks just like your Mom. Such a pretty whittle ting ❤️😍” More added, “Omg she so very adorable pretty look just like your mom Rayj”, “She’s Soo BEAUTIFUL she looks like her granma.”

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