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Ray J’s Baby Girl Melody Norwood Wows Fans as She Takes the Lemon Challenge Like a Champ

Ray J‘s daughter Melody Norwood showed she is an extraordinary baby once again by conquering the baby lemon challenge. The lemon challenge is when people take a piece a lemon and put it in a baby’s mouth to see if they twist their face up from the sourness of the fruit. On Tuesday, Ray J shared a video of Mels taking on the lemon challenge, and not only did she succeed, but she cried for more.

Melody Norwood

In his caption he wrote, “she likes lemons! #lemonchallenge @melodylovenorwood already talkin at 4 months!! “Gimme” my lemon back lol”

The fans were amazed at the infant’s response to the lemon.

“That’s the first time I heard Mel’s fuss. Give her back her lemon 🍋. She is too precious”

“Omg! She’s not even squinting!!!!!”

“Omg she said give it to me mommy didnt even make a face 😂😂😍😍”

“Now she is truly special…she likes sour…I gave my grandbaby a lemon slice and she then pushed it away..”

Melody always seems to have her fans gushing over her, unlike her father. On Monday the singer shared a video of himself and his blond hair, and fans were not feeling the look. One fan said, “Stripping your hair at your age could be fatal for the top. You don’t want to go bald… 👀”

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