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Mona Scott-Young Applauded for Haitian Upbringing After Showing Off Another Skill

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” executive producer Mona Scott-Young is getting saluted for her variety of talents by fans who say “it’s a Haitian thing.”

Young isn’t shy about her Haitian-American ancestry, and fans believe it’s her cultural background that has something to do with her strong skill set. The reality show producer took to Instagram a few days ago to show off her sewing artistry at work. She posted a video of herself stitching a jacket back together that she accidentally ripped.

Mona Scott

In the recording, she says, “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do as long as she knows how to do it.” She added the caption, “When you rip your jacket and have to sew it up yourself! On set. With everyone standing around trying to get answers from you. And all you care about is sewing your jacket. 😂😂 #DIY #AGirlsGottaDoWhatAGirlsGottaDo #MultiTalented #MakeItHappen #mPOWered 👊🏽.”

Fans chimed it under Young’s comment section and said her several skills stem from her “Haitian blood.”

“That’s the Hatian In you girl 🤗 she konsa oui Lol @monascottyoung 🇭🇹.”

“Yasssssss 🙌 🇭🇹! My momma taught me how to sew too. Although at this age threading a needle is the biggest challenge.”

“Strong Boss Haitian really is on your blood our mama teaches us everything how to make a pennis turns millions hard work how to take care our men our family cleans cooked we did all boss Mona lol 🇭🇹.”

“Like a true Haitian boss!! 🇭🇹.”

“Off course it’s a Haitian thing .”

literally was going to type the same thing 💯💯🇭🇹🇭🇹 even the face she was making in the pics!! I love it.”

The mother of two was honored by the third annual Haiti Cherie in 2013 at a New York City fundraiser. In a recent interview with the Haitian Times, she credited her mother’s strength for solidifying her pride as a Haitian-American.

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