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Kandi Burruss Shades Reality TV While Gassing Up Lyrica Anderson’s Mom’s Singing Skills

Kandi Burruss might be a staple of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” but she could be over some aspects of being a reality TV star.

The singer shared her thoughts on that in the caption of a video of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Lyrica Anderson’s mom belting out a tune.

“Ok, can I just say that @lyricagarrett (@lyricaanderson’s) mom was killing #WhoCanIRunTo. I didn’t know she could sing like that. Sometimes reality tv takes people’s thoughts away from your real talent… believe me I know. Give @lyricagarrett some love y’all. #Xscape #lhhhollywood.”

Fans spewed lots of love for Lyrica Garrett’s vocal ability.

“She absolutely DID THAT!!!”

“Damn😭🤤🖤😩 onna real She can sing bruhh geeeezzzzz 😍🔥 I LOVE IT but lhh make me view her so different 🤦🏾‍♂️😭”

“That lady can sannnnggg!!!”

“Come on, I can’t believe y’all been sleeping on big Lyrica, that’s we’re Lil Lyrica get it from!!”

“Yesssssssssss momma you better sang dont sleep on the raspy voice but some of yall young and dont know great voices when you here one.”

And others backed up the notion that what makes good TV causes true talent to be cast aside. For Garrett, that means her singing isn’t showcased in favor of ongoing drama with Anderson’s husband A1’s mother.

“Ok so she need to be doing that instead of on tv looking like a fool… she could of been had a whole album out!”

“You are SO RIGHT!!! Talent gets overshadowed by the ‘drama.’ I know @lyricagarrett and @lyricaanderson @lyricaanderson are both SUPER talented. BRAVO Lyrica And don’t let the show overshadow your talent or family ❤”

“Can’t she. I don’t understand why the show doesn’t showcase this. This lady the best single on the show. Her vocals are amazing period. Soulful voice.”

“Dang now that’s what the show should focus on.. beautiful voice.”

As for Burruss’ real-life persona compared to the one shown on RHOA, she’s complained before about how she’s frequently depicted crying and bucking up on people, an image that sticks with viewers.

“When I was screaming across the room at Cynthia’s sister talkin’ ’bout ‘I will drag yo ass,’ I felt like that was a lot,” Burruss told Bravo of her most regrettable moment. “After they split us up and I went to the bathroom and I had to calm myself down … I just started crying to myself. Because I was like, ‘Why did I do that?’”

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