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Georgia Prosecutors Drop a Main Charge Against T.I. in May Arrest Case

Prosecutors dropped a major charge against T.I. after the rapper was arrested back in May for arguing with a security guard.

As previously reported, Tip got into it when he came home and saw the guard sleeping at his station outside the rapper’s private community near Atlanta. Tip forgot his key at the time, and the guard wouldn’t let him enter until his wife Tiny called and said it was OK.

T.I. Gets Charge Dropped In May Arrest


During the heated exchange, Tip asked the guard for his supervisor’s name and at one point said, “You’re making it worse for yourself. You’re gonna have to deal with me,” which the police took as a criminal threat.

But according to TMZ, the criminal threat charge has been dropped, yet T.I. still faces  three counts of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and one count of misdemeanor public drunkenness.

Soon after the arrest, Tip was seen on video questioning the arresting officer, who proceeded to chastise him for arguing with the guard.

Then in August, another clip surfaced, and it showed the arresting officer talking about T.I., and he seemed to think the rapper thought too highly of himself.

“He think his sh– don’t stink,” said the officer. “He wants everyone to bow down to his butt.”

Tip hasn’t said anything about that video yet, nor the criminal threat charge being dropped.

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