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Fans Quickly Set Ray J Straight After He Posts Cute Photo Twinning with Daughter Melody

Ray J‘s baby girl Melody Norwood has been having fans fawn over her since birth. And since birth, her mother Princess Love has been trying to convince fans that baby Mel resembles her side of the family more than Ray J’s. While fans have had mixed reactions in the past, comments weren’t so mixed with Ray J’s latest post. When the “One Wish” singer captioned his latest pic, while cradling Mel like a football, with”#Twins @melodylovenorwood.” Fans quickly chimed in.

Ray J and Melody Norwood

While he may have been talking about the matching pink outfits they wore for a photo shoot fans let it be known that they definitely don’t “look” like twins. “That is not his twin. Thats princess love all over again.”

“Thats your MOM’s twin”

“Ray j sorry yall not twins thats her mom all over.”

“Thats Soni Sone’s twin Ray, not yours lol”

“OMG she is your mom TWIN.”

“Stop it she look like her mom.”

“Nope very beautiful baby and twins with Ms Norwood.”

Most fans concluded that baby Mel looks like her paternal grandmother Sonja Norwood or her mommy Princess Love.

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