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Steve Harvey’s ‘Simple’ Way to Tell If The Person You’re with Is ‘The One’ Wins with Fans

Steve Harvey has learned a lot about relationships in his life. His experiences have even helped inform his book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” Now, he’s offering up some advice for men on how to know if the person they’re with is a keeper.

“It’s very simple,” he explains in a clip from his daytime talk show “Steve” posted on the program’s Instagram account Saturday, Oct. 13. “If you can’t breathe good when she ain’t around, she’s the one. If you miss her, if you go somewhere and wish she had came, she’s the one. That life for me, it ain’t gon’ be good without her. That’s all you want. You just want to be somebody’s somebody.”

While the advice was given to a couple in the audience, the remarks, which Harvey made as his wife Marjorie Harvey was by his side, led to a round of applause.

And fans watching on the social media page praised the comedian’s message, too.

“Beautifully stated! Love! ❤️”

“Steve you stay inspiring! 🙏🏾”

“I love that he’s not afraid to talk about the real emotions. He is what every man should hope to be in the way he thinks about relationships and family and he’s got it down he’s a hundred percent.”

“Yes Steve H., that’s what I’m praying for me to have again.🙏💜💜🙏”

“True statement 💗 My thing now is what to do when you find that person, marry him, loving your life together, and he passes away💔💔💔”

“Truth talk it’s a beautiful thing so blessed it’s happening for me for us thank you 🙏🏽 Lord 😘”

“Forget Dr.Phil, I get my advice from @iamsteveharveytv.”

But while fans are backing him now it was a different story several months ago. In May, called him out for his numerous marriages after he doled out relationship advice.

“I tell women this all the time. All men can change and all men will change but there is only one woman that we’re going to change for,” Harvey said in a video at the time. “It’s just one. We don’t change for all woman we only change for one woman. If he ain’t changing, you ain’t the one.”

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