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Steve Harvey Called Out About Failed Marriages After Offering Relationship Advice

Steve Harvey has made a career out of offering up relationship advice to women so it’s no surprise that he did so again at a recent event.

“I tell women this all the time. All men can change and all men will change but there is only one woman that we’re going to change for,” Harvey says. “It’s just one. We don’t change for all woman we only change for one woman. If he ain’t changing, you ain’t the one.”

In an apparent response to his newest piece of advice making the rounds online, many folks have called out the issues with listening to the radio and talk show host when it comes to relationships. He’s been through two divorces and married wife Marjorie Harvey in 2007.

“Steve Harvey’s rise to ‘relationship guru’ has been fascinating to watch. I mean f— that n—- and his trash ass opinions, just stating it’s amazing that people will really let any ole damn body give them love advice,” one person said.

“Me going to Steve Harvey for relationship advice is like going to Birdman about money management,” someone said. “Why would you listen to him?”

“Unpopular opinion: Steve Harvey speaks a lot of bull—,” another said.

“Steve Harvey is on his, what, third or fourth marriage now?” someone said. “He’s the LAST person I’d listen to for relationship advice, lol. Bless his soul.”

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