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Nipsey Hussle Responds To Report That He Bailed His Brother Out For $1 Million, Demands More Respect

Nipsey Hussle’s brother Blacc Sam was recently released from prison after a $1 million bond was posted, and there were initial reports that Nipsey footed the bill.

“You know I gotta talk some sh–,” said Blacc, as he was about to board a private jet with Nipsey was holding the camera. “100,000 loss. A million dollar bond. N—-, what you talking about? We in Vegas already.”

Nipsey Hussle Reportedly Bails Brother Out Of Jail On $1 Million Bond


But after word got out that Nipsey is the one who bailed his brother out, the rapper quickly fired back and said that wasn’t the case. The West Coast rhymer of Eritrean decent also told people to respect his brother’s name more and his ability to save himself. 

“Sam bailed himself out,” wrote Nip. “Putsomerespectonhisname.” It is unclear why Sam was held on a million dollar bond. However, fans were happy to note that Nipsey’s brother can more than hold his own.

“They always tryna play Blac Sam like he ain’t been having it,” someone wrote.

“Real sh–,” another person chimed in. “Sam [is] a boss. I chop it up with him every time I go into [Nipsey and Blacc’s] Marathon store. He got his own bread.”

“It’s shows who your real followers are,” a third person commented. “If they thinking your bro ain’t been had it [they’re wrong] …He always in the Marathon store on Crenshaw.

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