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Lil Kim Remains Silent, as Ex Drops Freestyle About Their Nasty Custody Battler: ‘My Eyes Water’

Lil’ Kim’s baby’s father, Mr. Papers, just released a freestyle about not being able to see his daughter Royal Reign.

Papers, who’s real name Jeremy Neil, has been going through a nasty custody battle with Kim for years now and based on his lyrics, they still haven’t reached a resolution.

Lil' Kim's Baby Daddy Drops Freestyle About Not Seeing Daughter


“Through all my regrets they say the boy blessed / I’m calling it stressed / My eyes water, I see my daughter’s barrettes / And they say it’s my fault, man I guess / They say I got a cold heart, but I still gave her space every March 9th / I know she’s an idol, she’s an icon / but I’m from the streets and I got about 55 on … Besides the pigs cuffing me / I just want to see my daughter but you got custody /And you the best mother in the world but she still gonna be daddy’s little girl / Pray for me,” he rapped.

In 2015 Papers took his beef with Kim to court and filed for visitation after he claimed she was keeping Royalty away from him.

But Kim said Papers physically abused her, so he’s unfit to be around their child. It’s also been reported that Papers cheated on Kim during their relationship, which caused their split in the first place.

The “Hardcore” creator sent a tweet about all of the custody talk in August of this year and  denied that she’s being spiteful. 

“I wasn’t going to address this because it is a personal legal family issue but I feel that my fans to deserve to the know the truth,” tweeted Kim. I did not renege on my statement at all I have no reason to do that and the RTO still stands,” she wrote. He is the reason he hasn’t seen his daughter I would never want to take my daughter away from her father.”

Kim hasn’t responded to Paper’s freestyle yet.

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