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K. Michelle Shows Off Her ‘Natural’ Bare Butt, Fans All Over the Map in Response

K.Michelle was feeling herself and decided to flaunt her natural body, a gesture that was met with some mixed reactions by fans.

Monday, Michelle shared a grainy photo of herself wearing a long-sleeve shirt and underwear with her butt facing the camera. The caption of her photo said, “Say what now? #allme #nowwhat  #siliconefree #hoodbathroombootypic.”

K. Michelle

Some fans loved the reality star celebrating her God-given curves.

“Cmon lil debbies”

“Natural is 100% better”

“You look great queen”

“Yeah you still bae”

“Still got cakes back there”

Some fans were just not amused by Michelle’s booty picture.

“You too old for this”

“I dont think anyone cares anymore baby girl! Just sing!!”

“Its sagging tho”

“Delete this sis”


Other fans simply, didn’t even believe that her butt is all natural.

“Thats no where near natural”

“We dont trust you, last time you said it was real too, you cannot be trusted you a liar”

Michelle has been very open about her butt injection removal surgery journey. Back in April, Michelle made sure to inform her fans about the dangers of plastic surgery and butt injections.

On her Instagram Live she shared her travails in the hospital and revealed that she’d received multiple blood transfusions. She cried and said, “I’ve been sick. I’m doing better. So I love y’all, so much. It’s been so rough. I’ve had blood transfusions, everything. It’s been a really rough week.”

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