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Fox News Panel Erupts As Guests Argue Over Conservatives’ Selective Outrage Over Celebs In Politics 

A Fox News panel was engulfed by heated discussion after rapper Kanye West’s lunch meeting with President Trump at the White House Oval Office on Thursday.

Fox News host Jesse Watters was joined Saturday on his “Watters World” show by liberal commentator Dr. Wendy Osefo and right-wing pundit Rob Smith. The panel discussion between Smith and Dr. Osefo quickly went left after Dr. Osefo called West’s sit-down with Trump a “minstrel show”. The Johns Hopkins education professor noted that she doesn’t have a problem with the Chicago rapper supporting the president but felt he could have used his platform to discuss more important issues such as prison reform or “stop and frisk” during his meeting with Trump.

Kanye West

(photo credit: YouTube screenshot) Rob Smith, John Watters, Wendy Osefo.

“He could’ve asked Donald Trump why did he cut mental health reform and why else did he cut education,” Dr. Osefo noted. “But he did not, he used that time to basically be a minstrel show and pound on the table.”

The progressive advocate continued her argument while referencing former NFL player Colin Kaepernick and NBA player LeBron James. “The GOP has to decide when is it OK for Black athletes and performers to either shut up and dribble or become the beacon of hope for your party, because you can’t have it both ways.”

Smith argued that Dr. Osefo had the same mindset of “every other Black person” who bashed West for supporting Trump and the right-wing party. He said liberals are trying to make a mockery of those in the Black community who support the Trump administration.

The Johns Hopkins professor fired back at Smith and reminded him that statistically, only 8 percent of Black citizens voted for Trump.

Smith and Dr. Osefo continued to go toe to toe over Black athletes being crucified by the president and an alleged “Black conservative movement.” Dr. Osefo completely shut Smith down during their heated exchange and said, “I don’t remember all of this outcry when LeBron James called out the President Trump but then you guys said he should shut up and dribble.”

She added, “So, again, I ask you: Do you want Black athletes and entertainers to shut up and dribble or do you want them to become your new mascot, like you’re doing for Kanye West? Because you cannot have it both ways, sir.”

Watch more of the panel discussion below:

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