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Karrine Steffans Says Lil Wayne’s ‘Mona Lisa’ Song Might Be About Her: ‘Resembles Nights At My House’

Lil Wayne has been receiving a lot of praise for his latest album “Tha Carter V,” which dropped last week.

But there’s one track that folks have been really buzzing about, “Mona Lisa,” which features Kendrick Lamar. The song is about a woman setting up a man to be robbed by a male accomplice.

Karrine Steffans Says Mona Lisa Could Be About Her


Karrine Steffans — who dated Weezy some time ago — also commented on the song and said it seems to be about her and their relationship.

“Of course, I saw the Internet buzzing about ‘Mona Lisa’ and about the similarities between my relationship with Wayne,” she told BET Digital. “I have to admit, it resembles nights at my house back then, except I’ve never denied my relationship with Wayne.”

Steffans also commented on the rapper’s flows in the song and praised them both.

“First, the storytelling took me back to my son’s father, Kool G Rap, the king of rap novellas,” she wrote. “Wayne’s wave comes in slowly, then all at once … I love when he raps like a sociopath. I love when he raps until he can’t breathe. I hold my breath. I ride the wave. And then Kendrick, he comes in like he does, all Kendrick and sh–.”

While speaking about the song with CRWN, Wayne admitted that most of it was pulled from a true story but he didn’t mention Steffans’ name. The rapper also said the cut was written five years ago, and Kendrick added his verse around the time he released his “To Pimp a Butterfly” album.

After Steffans talked about “Mona Lisa,” people continued to buzz about it online. 

“Gets better and better with every listen,” one person wrote. “I just hope that this has a music video.”

“’Mona Lisa’, a picture with mass detail and expression,” wrote another. “This is a good title for this song, ’cause he puts so much detail and the tone, expression that Wayne and Kendrick uses. [It] really gives you a clear picture, and he really did paint a picture.”

“Hottest track on the album,” a third person commented.

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