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NeNe Leakes Stressed with Caring for Husband Gregg Admits She Needs Support

NeNe Leakes has been looking after her husband Gregg Leakes since he arrived home after a surgery last month, but “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has admitted she’s thinking of giving him a dose of his own medicine.

The star didn’t an update as to how Gregg, who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, is currently fairing. However, she did tweet Saturday, Oct. 6 that her spouse hasn’t been very kind to her.

nene leakes

(Photo by Marcus Ingram/WireImage)

“When people are sick, is it normal for them to be mean?” NeNe wondered to her followers.

Several fans answered in the affirmative.

“Yes. Because people will give them a pass. I don’t. But many people do.”

“Yes! They may not be aware of how mean they are being. Hang in there!”

“They talk mean to the person that’s helping? So stressful,” Leakes tweeted half an hour later.

NeNe later spoke about her perceived strength saying, “When you’re a strong person, people just expect you to be strong no matter the situation and they don’t think you ever need anything, any support, any help! but that’s not always the case!”

Several fans boosted the star as a result.

“Strong people need a hug too. We also need someone outside of the situation to tell us everything will be ok and to wipe our tears away and erase our fears and doubts. You got this girl.”

“100% as caregiver’s we are usually forgotten. Often crying, screaming and praying alone. Remember to breathe and take time to just be still.”

“True, the person caring for the sick person needs support as well!”

But the kicker came when NeNe wondered if it was OK for her to give Gregg a dose of his own medicine.

“Ok, so Most believe it’s normal! Is it normal to be mean back?” she asked.

Fans stated that it was typical to issue an unkind response.

“It is. We are human.”

“Just because someone is sick and crabby doesn’t mean that you should continually take it. Set boundaries with it. Sometimes it helps to take a break from them.”

“It actually is. Caregivers are under just as much stress as the person/people they take care of… usually b/c they don’t have time for themselves.”

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