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Nene Leakes’ Husband Gregg Remains In Hospital Following Surgery, ‘He’s In a Lot of Pain’

NeNe Leakes has been keeping fans updated on her husband Gregg Leakes’ latest surgery and says her spouse is hurting.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star on Wednesday went on Instagram Live to share how her spouse is fairing following his four-hour surgery, which was performed on Monday.

“Everybody’s calling asking how he’s doing,” she says Sept. 19 in Gregg’s darkened hospital room. “He is OK. But he’s not, like, the best. Today is a hard day. He’s in a lot of pain … Not a lot I can do. It’s not a lot the nurses can do other than give the pain medicine and he’s just gotta get through it.”

Leakes then thanked her fans for sending their prayers but noted that since her husband is in so much pain, she wouldn’t stick around for long. The RHOA star added that Gregg was not eating as of yet but he was sipping liquids.

The update came after Leakes accompanied Gregg as he got wheeled into surgery for an undisclosed procedure. At the time, she asked fans to send prayers for her hubby, who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, hoping this would be the last surgery he’ll undergo.

“My hunni is having what we hope and pray is his last surgery towards a full recovery today! It will be a long surgery so we are asking you to pray for the surgeon’s hands, pray for Gregg’s comfort please!” Leakes wrote in the Instagram post. “Prayers, strength, peace and kindness for myself, his children, family and friends during this time! Amen (come on pray warriors🙌🏾) Lord I tell ya, sometimes you never know what a person is going thru! I will update you all on IG.”

In the meantime, fans have continued to send well-wishes for Gregg.

“🙏🏽🙏🏽 Praying for Mr. Gregg.”

“Prayers going up for @neneleakes & your hubby @greggleakes. Speedy recovery to you sir.”

“Sending prayers for a speedy recovery for Gregg.”

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