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Ray J’s Cute Video Derailed After Fans Scold Him for Playing Vulgar Music in Front of Baby Mel

Papa Ray J. Norwood is in hot water with social media after blasting swearing music in front of his 4-month-old daughter on Instagram Sunday afternoon.

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star posted an adorable video of his daughter Melody Love grinning from ear-to-ear. The proud father recorded a video of his baby girl sitting in her high chair and laughing up a storm. Ray J. wrote, “my little princess @melodylovenorwood.”

Ray J.

(photo credit: Ray J. Instagram)

However, in the sweet video of baby Mels, a vulgar song was playing in the background with the curse words “b**ch” and “s**t.” Fans instantly noticed the swearing music and slammed Ray J. for playing “inappropriate” music around his infant daughter.

“This music is not appropriate for the little angel,” said one fan.

“Not appropriate music for such a beautiful blessing baby girl from God, ABC song, wheels on the bus, twinkle little start, and if you happy and you know it clap you hands, Now that’s 100,” another added.

“She is so adorable but can’t enjoy with your background music behind very disturbing not appropriate for your precious baby girl.”

“Alexa please play The Itsy Bitsy Spider for this baby.”

“She’s gonna know all kinds of curses before she can talk listening to this type of music.”

“Why the profane language around the baby?”

One Instagram user wrote, “Yeah I would have say the VIDEO is way cute, but what she hears an user’s is more important. These are the days where she absorbs the most so you may want to take the music into consideration. No shade everyone raises their children different but I just wanted to give insight from a parent of 2 successful children.”

Ray J. and his wife Princess Love welcomed their adorable baby girl into the world in May and the singer said he couldn’t be happier.

“When the baby arrived, that’s really when my emotions went to a whole other place…it really broke me down and humbled me and really made me a soldier for our relationship in its entirety,” the proud father of one told Essence in an interview.

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