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LHHATL’s Tammy Rivera Blames Hubby Waka Flocka for Weight Gain

Tammy Rivera posted a pic over the weekend wearing a weightloss Sauna vest after making a promise to herself to get rid of extra pounds she still has around her thighs and hips.  She’s putting the blame for her “thick” body on her rapper husband.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star made the remark that many women related to on Sept. 17 and shared proof of what she was talking about with a photo she uploaded on Instagram.

“I have to drop these 10 pounds by any means necessary!! these thighs and hips gotta go just 10 pounds worth… Us women are never satisfied but b—- I ain’t perfect shyt! I’m just being honest I ain’t never been this thick in my LIFE!! 😩 #IBlameYouWaka #HappyWeight,” she captioned the post of herself in workout gear, pointing the finger at hubby Waka Flocka.

Tammy rivrea


Several fans identified with Rivera’s struggle.

“Me too girl, it must be the season or something 😩”

“Girl you’re goals already, but I definitely feel u. I’m about to get up and go make my fat cry.”

“WHY are the last 10-12 lbs the hardest to get rid of? I’m trying to reach 135 lbs and I can’t get passed 143!!!”

“At least that stomach flat….those 10lbs are hard to lose!!! I’m trying too!!!”

Others said she didn’t need to drop a single pound.

“Girl you look amazing 😉 you don’t need to drop s—🙏🏿”


“You look good either way.”

“Don’t lose it, you’re fine. Your stomach looks fine. Don’t lose the weight.”

This is not the first time Rivera has opened up about her weight loss struggles.

When she hit the road last fall to show off her singing chops, she confessed to Essence about the moment she realized she needed to accept how her body changed as she got older.

“When I turned 30 that’s when I started to hold on to weight,” she said. “Remember when your mom used to tell you ‘keep eating like that and you’ll see later’? It happened to me! When I hit 28, I swear to goodness, I started holding on to weight. But now I think I’m at my grown woman weight, and I’m just learning to accept it!”


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