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Tamar Braxton Walks Away from ‘Braxton Family Values’ for Good

After an emotional season of WeTV’s hit series the “Braxton Family Values“, singer Tamar Braxton said she’s quit the show for good.

Braxton has experienced a whirlwind of family drama and emotions during season 6 of “BFV”, but that chapter of her life has come to an end. The “Empty Boxes” singer took to Twitter on Friday night and revealed she will not be filming another season of the reality show.

One of Braxton’s fans asked the star if she’s “coming back next season?” She abruptly replied, “No!!!” followed by dozens of explanation points

Tamar Braxton


Fans flooded the singer’s Twitter to send Braxton their support.

“I’m sooo glad! It’s gotten so toxic!”

“Although I’m going to miss you,I’m so happy you’re not returning. It only makes others THINK that they have the authority to judge or criticize you.& that shit pisses me off.They pick & choose what to believe or what to deem as TRUTH.I look forward seeing achieve ur every desire.”

“I will miss your presence, but I understand sometimes you just have to move on! Blessings to you!”

“It might be best. I like you because you are who you are🤷🏽‍♀️. There are some things that you need to work on but hell… me too. I understand you’re upset at Ms Iyanla but she’s really good.”

“Yesssssssss!!! Good for u babe.”

During the current season of “BFV” Braxton revealed to her family she was sexually abused by a family member, spoke about her divorce with Vincent Herbert and got into a huge fallen out with her sister Traci Braxton in the midst of filming.

Tamar thanked her fans for supporting her through such an emotional season and said she hopes she can “continue being a reflection of REAL LIFE.”

Tamar Braxton


“This has been one INCREDIBLE journey. I have experienced extreme highs and extreme lows all in front of you all! Being open and honest with you guys is what I feel made us all connect in the first place,” Tamar tweeted on Thursday. “I hope that just as you can see the anger and pain you can see the desire and dreams that have come true.”

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