Yandy Smith Switches Up Her Hairstyle and Flaunts It on the Gram

Love and Hip Hop” star Yandy Smith had fans crowing over her latest hairstyle.

Smith is known for sporting a variety of styles that protect her natural tresses, and she’s always on point with her hair game. The mother of three shared a selfie on Instagram Thursday afternoon, rocking her jumbo individual Patra braids with gold accessories.

The “LHH” star said she’s wearing a protective style to giving her hair a break from heat styling. She wrote, “Can I switch it up? I told my stylist @busyb80 no more heat on my hair for awhile. So he came up with this style. It hurts but it’s cute.”

Yandy Smith

(photo credit: Yandy’s Instagram)

Fans completely adored Smith’s Patra braids and said she looked “absolutely stunning.”

“Gorgeous! Love the hair! You are a beautiful sexy Diva..killin bright eyes, geez 💖@yandysmith. You need to model for glasses,” one fan wrote.

“How many times do I have to tell you… Gurl you look fabulous!!! XOXOXOXO Love the hair, your stylist do NOT come to play,” another commented.

“Your hair is absolutely fabulous…..yasssss Yandy I love everything about you and all of your fabulousness ❤️.”

” I love it!! Such a beautiful style. Soooo getting these braids 💟.”

“Love the box braids! Beautiful.”

One fan chimed into the comments and gave Smith a few natural hair pointers: “The style is trendy and cute but the compromise is the integrity of your hairs health. Hurt hair isn’t healthy hair but unfortunately it’s often the sacrifice made when you want the look. I’m not saying that you need to 86 the look but see if your stylist can find a method of install that’s less stressful on your follicles.”

A few days ago, Smith shared a video flossing her natural curls all over social media. The star was clearly feeling herself while doing so and noted, “I could do this all day😩😩. Loving my natural… Hair by God.”

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