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Tracee Ellis Ross Shuts Down Critics Who Shame Her for Being Single

“Blackish” star Tracee Ellis Ross got candid about being happily single and sent a message to naysayers who shamed her for being so.

Ross is a comedian, an actress and has a booming career, but for some people, the star’s accomplishments just don’t seem to be enough. The Golden Globe award-winning actress is often scolded by folks for not having a husband or children at the age of 45. However, Ross said she’s “very pleased” with her life as it is and could care less about what naysayers think.

tracee ellis ross black-ish

Tracee Ellis Ross is standing up for her worth. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/WireImage)

“It’s sort of fascinating to be 45 and single and childless,” said Ross during an interview with InStyle Magazine. “Happily single, I should add. Not at home crying about it. These are very big and very personal questions that aren’t anyone’s business but that somehow, like the right to choose, become fodder for public conversation.”

She continued, ” Some of the ability to reflect on what I really want comes from pushing up against a society that shames me for not having the expected trappings. I’m very pleased with my existence these days. Have I had to learn to make friends with loneliness? Yes. I think if I were in a relationship, it would be the same.”

Ross noted during her speech at Glamour’s 2017 Women of the Year Summit that the “single” and try “adoption” comments are never ending and are definitely not helpful. “Why do I get snagged this way? As if all that I have done and who I am doesn’t matter.”

Nevertheless, the ABC “Black-ish” star said she’s learned to live life on her terms and ignore the crude comments.

“I’m going to pay attention to the reality of my life and the audacity of my dreams instead of the expectation I was raised with… I know that’s how I go from being Tracee to being the Brave Tracee.”

Ross is currently working on a memoir and in the midst of filming season 5 of “Black-ish.” She’s set to host the 2018 American Music Awards that broadcast on Oct. 9.

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