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Fans Slam Joseline Hernandez for Not Allowing Stevie J. to ‘See His Daughter’

Joseline Hernandez is currently receiving a lot of backlash from fans who accused the star of not letting her ex Stevie J. see their daughter.

Hernandez and Stevie J. have been split up for quite some time now, but they do share one-year-old Bonnie Bella together. Instagram users are however saying Hernandez is keeping the music producer from seeing the toddler.

On Tuesday, Hernandez posted an Instagram video of she and her adorable baby girl sitting together. Baby Bonnie apparently took her mother’s drumsticks and refused to give them back. The “Puerto Rican Princess” wrote, “Girl give me my damn drum 🥁 sticks you have your own 😒😒.”

Although several Instagram users awed over Hernandez’s recording with her daughter, the majority of fans blasted the mother of one for not letting her ex-fiance see little Bella and accused her of keeping the daughter away from him.

“She won’t let Stevie see his daughter that’s not a good mom wtf,” one person wrote.

“It’s been reported that she doesn’t let him see her, another person added.

“I would take her a$$ to court.”

“She has no rite keeping that baby from him its not rite it’s wrong and when the baby is old enough to see him she’s going to smack her rite in the face.”

“If you have a bd that’s trying to be there, You Allow Him!! The financials are between him and her! You allow visitation for the baby’s bond with her daddy! Whey these females think he’s paying for visits is beyond me. Your only hurting your child,” a fan commented.

However, during an interview with Bossip, Hernandez accused Stevie J. of not seeing their daughter in five months. She added, “Everyone knows that my baby daddy denied my daughter. A person that denies a 99.9% bloodline, how dare you believe them!”

Hernandez and Stevie went through a nasty custody battle over their daughter in 2017. However, earlier this year both parents were awarded physical joint custody and Hernandez was given primary custody.

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