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Steve Harvey Settles Into New Beard But Admits He’d Cut It In a Heartbeat If This Happens

Talk show host and comedian Steve Harvey has been sporting his salt-and-pepper beard for months now, but if his wife Marjorie Harvey told him to cut it off he’d be more than willing to do so.

Harvey, long known for his signature jet-black full mustache, recently stopped dyeing it and added a full beard. During a segment of the “Steve Show,” television host Howie Mandel dropped by on Friday to chat with the “Kings of Comedy” actor about beards and wedding vows.

Mandel noticed Harvey’s “iconic” new look and asked the host if he had any plans on cutting his beard off and reverting back to the “stache.” Harvey said he’d be willing to remove his ‘man hair’ only if his wife Marjorie told him to do so.

“My wife likes it low, so it’s whatever she says,” Harvey said. “That’s the only way I’m doing it, if she don’t like it, its off! As soon as she say, ‘Baby, I’m not feeling it no more,’ oh, it’s gone.”

The “Family Feud” host revealed a few weeks ago that Marjorie does indeed love her husband’s beard transformation, and it looks like he doesn’t plan on getting rid of it anytime soon.

Harvey is definitely feeling his salt-and-pepper beard and told Entertainment Tonight, “Every now and then I reinvent myself. … I grew a beard out, but last year it wasn’t enough gray in the mustache yet, but this year when I didn’t color it, it was a lot more gray. So I’m flipping the script and I’m a see how the beard game go.”

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